Our dedicated claims team are incredibly efficient when it comes to managing your claim from lodgement to settlement and assist you in achieving the best outcome in the quickest time possible. 

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Helpful insights:


In the event of damage or loss of property:

  • Ensure that the remainder of your property is not exposed to further loss or damage
  • Advise us. In the event of burglary or theft, the Police must be notified immediately
  • Complete the relevant insurer’s claim form
  • Obtain a quotation for repairs

In the event of serious damage, your insurers will appoint a loss adjuster to inspect the damage and authorise repairs.

Minor damage repairs will be authorised upon receipt of the completed claim form and repair quotation.


In the event of glass breakage:

If your claim relates purely to glass breakage, contact one of the below glaziers which are preferred suppliers for many insurers:

Property & Vehicle Glass

O’Brien Glass
Ph: 1800 645 011

Vehicle Glass
Novus Glass
Ph: 08 6555 2658 (WA & NT) / (07) 3866 2700 (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS & SA)


You will need your Policy number and the name of your Insurer. In most instances, the glazier will be able to send their invoice direct to your Insurer. If your glazier requests that you arrange payment up front we can then arrange lodgement of the claim on your behalf to request reimbursement from your Insurer.


In the event of a claim by a third party:

  • Do not admit liability.
  • Ask the third party to submit the claim or complaint in writing.
  • Complete a claim form concerning the incident.
  • Immediately forward all correspondence to us.
  • In the event of damage to motor vehicles report to either insurers or this office on an insurer’s claim form within 24 hours of it happening. Authorisation for repairs or assessing requirements will then be arranged.
  • No admission of liability is to be made under any circumstances.
  • Correspondence concerning an admitted claim should be acknowledged ONLY and then passed to us.
  • In cases where personal injury in involved, a separate claim must be submitted to the Compulsory Third Party Underwriter (in WA this will be the Insurance Commission of WA) immediately after the accident.

Workers Compensation:

In the event of an injury to any employee whilst at work:

  • A report of injury form must be completed by the employer.
  • A report of injury form must be completed by the employee when ‘time loss injury’ occurs. The forms should be forwarded within 3 working days direct to the insurers.

All relevant medical certificates and accounts should be forwarded as they become available.

No compensation can be paid without a medical certificate covering the period ‘off work’.

Employers who pay compensation to employees should ensure they have their insurer’s agreement before commencing such payments.

Remittances for weekly benefits payable will be forwarded direct by the insurers.

Unless otherwise requested, medical accounts will be paid direct to the doctor or hospital etc.

If any delays in the settlement of workers’ compensation claims are experienced, contact us.